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December Tips: The Organized Kitchen

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If you are like me, you like everything to be in its place. It helps to keep things organized, looks cleaner, and saves time and energy trying to find things! Also, if you are like me, the rest of your family isn’t quite as good at putting things away!

With the holidays fast approaching and new year resolutions on the horizon, what better time to unclutter and organize? No matter what size your kitchen is, plan with intention using ease of access and functionality as the driving force.

  • You do not need to be getting on your hands and knees, digging out an appliance from the back of a blind corner cabinet – you have no idea what could be back there! Think about installing a blind corner pull-out. It has 4 adjustable height baskets with heavy-duty soft-close slides. It makes the hard-to-reach area super easy to get to. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but I think it is one of my favorite additions to our kitchen.

  • Roll-out pantry shelves are great, they are adjustable and so easy to see and access your items.

  • Spice drawers are a fantastic way to organize your spices. They can also save you money as I kid you not, we had 3 jars of cinnamon in our pantry before getting the organizer, 2 of which were out of date!

  • Trash and recycling cans hidden inside a cabinet that can be opened by the touch of a knee are especially helpful when you have dirty hands! (so are touchless faucets!)

  • A utensil base pullout can conveniently store all your cooking utensils out of sight. With 3-4 bins you can organize all your spatulas, spoon, and tongs.

  • Having a cabinet organizer, especially for your storage containers is such a lifesaver. You can always find just the right size, along with a lid to store any leftovers.

  • Charging stations can keep devices organized and tucked away inside a drawer.

  • Knife block drawer inserts can double the storage capacity of the countertop knife block.

  • Vertical storage, especially in an island, is a wonderful place to keep baking trays and cutting boards.

  • Installing a mixer cabinet lift can save counter space as well as your back.

  • If you are tired of climbing on a stool to reach the top shelves (I am very short so do this a lot!) a pull-down shelving system could be just for you. It has a two-tier pull-down shelf that easily brings those hard-to-reach items down.

  • Customizable drawer inserts are very helpful in keeping the "junk drawer" organized. You can mix and match trays of various sizes to accommodate all types of bits and pieces.

If you are looking to redesign your kitchen in the near future:

  • Think of replacing lower cabinets with deep drawers. Peg systems can be installed so items do not move around, nothing gets lost in the back of the cabinet, and it is easier for children to access to help set the table.

  • Glass-fronted upper cabinets are visually lighter and break up the monotony of solid cabinet doors. They are also a great way to see what’s inside or to display special items.

  • Appliance garages (not the roll-top ones you immediately think of!) are a sleek and modern way to hide small appliances that can clutter your countertop.

Overall, when it comes to kitchen organization there needs to be a balance between concealment and accessibility. Items need a home but they also need to be easily accessible and easily put away. Thoughtful ways to organize and store will enhance the beauty as well as the efficiency of your kitchen. (Final note not on storage but… auto close features are also a must for family members that forget to close cabinet doors, not mentioning any names😊)


Samantha Redman is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CKBD) and co-owner of Lightpoint Designs.

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