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Design Services

Anyone who has ever completed a renovation project knows how difficult the process can be.

We have been through it many times and with our vast design and construction knowledge and experience,

we have developed a process that makes it as easy as possible.


We begin every project with a complimentary 15 minute introductory phone interview. During this call, we will discuss your project, time frame, budget, and answer any questions you may have. If we feel that we are a good fit for your project, we will schedule a Design Consultation. This is our way of getting to know you and your space. It also helps us to determine how we can best help you bring your vision to life. Design Consultations are paid in advance, the duration and cost vary by project, and will be explained during the conclusion of the introductory phone interview.

Following the Design Consultation, a formal project investment report will be generated that will outline the scope of work, time frame, and fees. Once a signed design agreement and deposit are received, the design process will begin.

Our design services are created to ensure that we fully understand your vision and anticipate any roadblocks that may happen during your project in construction, deliveries, material selection, and budget management.

Our services include:

Prior to your Design Consultation, we recommend you complete our design questionnaire, it will help you define, and us understand your vision. We also recommend making a list of questions and areas of concern that we can review at the consultation.

Please also share any inspirational images you have collected.

Certified Kitchen & Bath Designers

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