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Kitchen & Bath Design

As Accredited Kitchen & Bath Designers, we have specialized training in building codes, standards, and the National Kitchen & Bath Association guidelines. ​


Kitchens and Bathrooms are probably the most important areas of your home. They also take the most wear and tear! Remodeling can be expensive and you want to make the most of your money.


We have spent countless hours studying, implementing, managing, and overseeing renovation projects. We continue to take classes, and certifications to keep up to date with all the new innovative products on the market.


Our cabinet trade partners are all based on the East Coast, and their cabinets are beautiful, durable American-made using the highest quality standards. They are constructed using premium woods and finishes making them an excellent investment.

Additionally, our custom closet design can provide optimal closet storage for today’s busy family. Designed with your specific needs and lifestyle, our custom closet solutions offer unlimited possibilities that fit all spaces and storage requirements. Our closet styles range from classic to contemporary and are adaptable as your needs evolve.

We love creating innovative, functional, beautiful designs for your family to enjoy for years to come.

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